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Obtain degree from MBNS Institutes along with preparation in a comprehensive way for different National and state level competitive examinations. | Our approach is in keeping with the ethos of education extension program of UGC New Delhi.


MBNS (MAHANT BIDYA NAND SARASWATI) Institutes has been established under the Kolhan University. The MBNS Institutes is located in Jamshedpur on a sprawling green campus, built with the state-of-the-art infrastructure creating an environment conducive for higher learning and research. To be value-driven global Institutes, excelling beyond peers and creating professionals of integrity and character having concern and care for society. The Founders of MBNS Institutes believe in the motto of ‘Knowledge is Power’. Driven with philanthropic vision and a missionary zeal, the campus is built to transform students into outstanding citizens.

  • Malleable Study Time

    MBNS Institute of Graduate Studies

    MBNS Institute of Graduate Studies encompasses research, study and teaching beyond the bachelor's degree. The Graduate education leads to master's degree.

  • Get an Innovative, In-depth Transition

    MBNS Institute of Education

    MBNS Institute of Education, provides courses like B.Ed or D.El.Ed that is essential for candidates who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching and other related fields.

  • Study on the Go

    MBNS Institute of Pharmacy

    MBNS Institute of Pharmacy provides courses that is the science of preparing and dispensing medical drugs. The study of pharmacy involves chemistry and pharmaceutics, among other specialist topics.